F30 +1 | Hybrid 1-2 person (adult + kid kayak)


Quickly becoming a top seller and a new favorite

Is this you?

1. Keen to take one of the kids with  you while not having to carry a massive 35kg + kayak

2. Need something you or the kids can use alone as well?

3. Bit faster than the standard fishing kayaks, but with a lot of stability

4. Something that is possible for one person to load on the roof racks?

Well look 

See "Key info" for more details...

suited for

  • Any person or young family getting into kayaking
  • Maximum two persons (1 adult + 1 child together or two kids)
  • Anyone looking for a stable recreational unit
  • Perfect family kayak for fun on the water
  • A great addition to the batch for the family
  • Great unit for single paddling as well
  • Stable paddling up to 115kg


  • Length: 3.05m
  • Width: .8m
  • Height: 0.526
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Capacity: 150kg (Float test)

comes with

  • Fully adjustable backseat
  • Two-piece alloy paddle
  • Built-in handles front, back, and sides
  • Drain plug and 4 scuppers
  • Central top hatch
  • Paddle keeper
  • Bungee storage area
  • Shipping options coming soon, currently collection only

Sorry, currently out of stock

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