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Bluemako life jacket saves a life | Tauranga

As featured in Stuff.co.nz 17:53, Jan 24 2018

A father and son fishing in kayaks off Petone had to be rescued by helicopter and police boat after being swamped by waves.

The pair, aged 59 and 29, were fishing about 200 metres off the Petone foreshore when the weather deteriorated, and a wave threw them one of them into the sea, a police spokeswoman said.

The other went to help, and his kayak overturned.

Bluemako jacket rescue helicopter

One man was winched from Wellington Harbour by Life Flight's Westpac Rescue Helicopter on Wednesday after conditions deteriorated and his kayak was overturned.


"They were well-equipped with lifejackets and a mobile phone in a plastic bag. So they were able to call 111."

The police launch Lady Elizabeth IV was sent to find the pair and pull them from the water shortly after 2 pm on Wednesday.

One man was winched from the sea, while the second was brought on board the launch by officers.

Both men were treated by paramedics, though neither was injured.

"But they were quite cold after being in the water for about 40 minutes," the police spokeswoman said.

Police have praised the preparedness of the pair, saying they did the right thing when they got into trouble.

"Things can change quickly on the water, so wearing a lifejacket and having forms of communication are your best chance of keeping yourself safe on the water," maritime constable Barry Murfin said.

"These two made it out of a potentially very dangerous scenario unharmed, and have their own preparedness to thank."

The two kayaks were also recovered by the Lady Elizabeth launch.