| Hendrik Wentzel

What size surfboard should I use?


What size surfboard should I use?


It's always hard to give a recommended size because there are so many factors to take into consideration. Below is a chart on our size recommendations for Beginner surfers. If you have had a bit of surf experience you may be able to go a bit shorter, and if you are advanced, well you'd already know...

Softboard Shapes

We produce 2 main Shapes

Mal / Mini Mal (Tribe 7-9)

  1. Available in 7'0, 8'0 and 9'0
  2. Ideal for Learning / Beginners
  3. Wide all the way to the front so its nice and stable
  4. Paddles fast so it extremely easy to catch waves early and get to your feet. 
  5. Great for experienced riders to have fun on small days

    Short Boards (Tribe 6)

    1. Available in 6'0
    2. Ideal for intermediates / Young groms learning
    3. Traditional Shortboard shape makes it easier for turns and steeper waves
    4. Great for kids to learn on as they're not too wide
    5. Good board for experienced riders to use between the flags etc

    See Image above for a good indication of which size surfboard you should use.